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WWAG is voluntary run group and we rely on our own fund-raising events, as well as grants and donations, to enable us to source and run our activities. We are very grateful to all those who have supported us so far, and are proud to list below projects and equipment that we have funded with their generous support to date. Thank you all VERY much!

Sport Wales Community Chest: £1450 (February 2017)

The Activate Project - Ref: 7470 - For 2 x Venture Ranger 16 Canoes


With this grant we have purchased 2x Ranger 162 Canoes and are pleased to report that these sessions engaged inter-generational age groups who bonded well over the range of activities we offered. The West Wales Activity Group has been successfully running throughout the past year and has engaged over 60 individuals in our Canoeing sessions. 

We feel this project inspired people to engage in a sport that they would not normally try and it had a profound effect on some who felt moved to engage with other sessions that we offer. We know for many this project improved confidence and team skills as it meant working together in the rafted canoes.

Sport Wales Community Chest: £1450 (February 2017)

The Engage Project - Ref: 7470 - For 2 x Venture Ranger 16 Canoes

With this grant we have purchased 2 further Ranger 162 Canoes and these canoes have enabled us to offer "Taster" activity sessions to more disabled and disadvantaged participants that we would not previously have be enable to engage, as we did not have this specialist equipment until we received help from Sport Wales. We are planning to continue this project to reach more people that would benefit from the equipment.

Big Lottery Awards For All: £4,880

The Evolve Community Project- Project ID: 0010302646 (March 2017)

This funding helped us to train 2 volunteer instructors, provide PPE (personal protective clothing) - vital to keep those who engage with our project safe, and also the equipment needed to run the project. The funding provided us the opportunity to run free introductory sessions in Paddlesports and Windsurfing; feeding into our community run weekly club.

Port of Milford Haven Community Fund - £300 (March 2017)

This fund was given to us to purchase much need buoyancy aids to help us cater for more numbers of groups on the water, keeping them safe during all activities.

Swimming Pool Trust - £1,000 (June 2017)

The trust fund helped us fund additional Safety Equipment including waterproof clothing and safety helmets, allowing us to cater for more new groups and individuals, giving them access to new and healthy outdoor activities.


Ingles Charitable Trust - £2,000 (June 2017)

Ingles Trust donated this money to be used for the purchase of new sailing boats suitable for teenager & adults to enable the club to access a wider range of locals who otherwise wouldn't get out on the water. We plan to utilise this money in conjunction with funding from the Sport Wales Development Fund; watch this space .....


Sport Wales Development Fund Grant £16,640 (Oct 2017)

As hoped, the Sport Wales Development Fund came through and generously offered funding towards our club development project. This enabled us to purchase 6 Fusion sailing dinghies with trailers, covers & storage racking, as well as training for a further 3 volunteers. As these dinghies are small enough for 1 young person or adult and big enough for 2 smaller children to sail together, we can now offer sailing sessions to individuals of all ages. They give the option for everyone to get safely out onto the water. WWAG is reaching out to local schools and community groups to encourage participation in healthy outdoor activities - offering access to disadvantaged individuals and families for whom this type of activity is financially beyond their reach.


Ingles Charitable Trust - £1,000 (May 2018)

Following up on their generosity from last year, the Ingles Trust  has kindly donated a further £1,000 to supplement the costs of "Make A Difference" days activities that we run for local schools and groups. We are currently arranging dates for this summer to get groups of local, disadvantaged young people involved.



Sport Wales Community Chest - £1,365 (Jan 2019)


Once again, Sport Wales have generousley supported WWAG; this time by funding Genniker kits to enhance the learning opportunities on two of our existing Fusion dinghies.  When fitted, these gennikers allow WWAG to teach high-performance spinnaker sailing by providing a familiar and safe base to develop the necessary sailing skills. WWAG is once again very grateful for this support!